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The IMO-GEST PRO is a management application for one or more Real Estate Agencies that is available online with restricted and personalized access.
The main functionalities of the IMO-GEST PRO:

     Agencies management
     Employees managment
     Land owners management
     Buyers management
     Commercial transactions managment
     Properties management
     Projects management
     Contacts management
     Network of partnerships between Mediators
     Exports management
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Demo Buy
Creation and development of customized websites with the possibility of connection to the IMO-GEST PRO application.
The main functionalities of the IMO-GEST NET:

     Properties management
     Company data management
     Advertising banners management
     Highlights management
     Links management
     E-mail accounts creation
     Allows the customer to create additional pages (extra)
     Pages in Portuguese and English
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Management solution that includes IMO-GEST PRO + IMO-GEST NET
It is a global management solution for real estate agents, franchising or not, that contains all the functionalities of IMO-GEST PRO and IMO-GEST NET with the advantage of optimizing and make it more accessible to transfer data between the management and publishing components of the company.
Management System: PRO   WebSite - Templates available
Client Area
Restricted access by login and password to clients that are using the CRM Imo-Gest PRO:
Email / Login:
Imo-Gest PRO modules in development

>> Creation of property templates in PDF format.

It permits the creation of templates for the property with different layouts in PDF format, eg: a layout for the sales and a different one for the rents.

Estimated date of completion: End of September 2007

>> Cross reference data tool It allows the crossing of data between offers available at the moment and the preferences/desires of the customer.

Estimated date of completion: End of September 2007

Customer support centre
Hot Line
+351 282 085 975
Latest changes in Imo-Gest PRO

Properties management.

Sales management.

Management of the leases, allows you to manage the leases by agency or season.

Allows you to define for each agency the prices of the leases in accordance with season or length of time.

Renting categories management for each agency.

Client contacts management.

History of the telephone calls and fax to clients.

Management of the meetings with the customers and reports, register of all the available information since the beginning of the negotiation.

Visits/Tours management.

Management of the personal contacts.

Management of the contacts received thru the company’s website.

Management of the sending, reception and archive of e-mails.

Commercial transactions managment.

Partners management.

Lawyers management.

Notaries management.

Commissions management.

Commercial transactions managment
Partners management.
Lawyers management.
Notaries management.
Commissions management.
Partners / Advertising
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