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The Imo-Gest PRO besides being a very powerful tool in terms of functionalities and versatility, and very effective in management and data exportation from the real estate companies, it ads, to the available offer in this type of application market, some innovations and advantages, such as, installation not required (its online), future upgrades to the CRM don’t have further costs to the client (doesn’t work as additional packages, are simply added to the CRM being part of the application).

But the technical solutions are not enough to guarantee the companies success, and so we care too about finance resources and the time spent with management. Being so, we put in the market a powerful management application with a different type of acquisition, the application is not sold but rented, it has an adhesion cost and a monthly rent fee per 12 month periods, which translates in a significant cost reduction, in the second year of contract and following there is only the rent fee payment.

The information about the real costs of the application, adhesion and hire cost, will be available to the interested through contact of a commercial in a meeting to schedule or by the traditional methods of communication.
 General conditions about the rent of the (CRM) Imo-Gest PRO

1- The Imo-Gest PRO has a cost of adhesion to make available the personal codes to the application access.

2- The Imo-Gest PRO is rented for periods of 12 months automatically renewable and paid in advance in the date of the contract anniversary.

3- The contract rescission obliges the participants to communicate their intention at least 30 days before by registered mail.

4- The @.Duarte-Design-Publicidade-web owner of the Imo-Gest Project is obliged to transfer to any kind of support, to be defined by the client, all the information stored in its server that belongs to the client in case of contract rescission by one of the parts, saving this way the right to propriety of the stored data.
The @.Duarte-Design-Publicidade-web feels in the right to suspend the service supply whenever the conditions enunciated in the point 2 are not fulfilled.

 To acquire the management application Imo-Gest PRO (CRM) fill in the form bellow.
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