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Manage your business with a 100% online software, always ready to use wherever you are, no installation needed.

The software is available in Portuguese and English.

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Control all vital areas of your business

You can control the Customers information, Real Estate Portfolio and the Import / Export of properties in a single solution.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management


Customer management, including contacts, wishes and visits
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  • Management of the status and profile of the client.
  • Contact history: Phone calls, sending and receiving emails, meetings, reports and recording all information available from the beginning of the negotiation.
  • Managing the history of property price changes since the listing.
  • Managing the history of customer preferences from the first contact.
  • Allows the crossing of data between the offer available at the time and the preferences/wishes of the customer.
  • Management of email alerts whenever a property is put on the market that is within the preferences expressed by the client.


Management of your company's agencies with data crossing
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It includes the possibility of an Agency (headquarters) to manage an unlimited number of agencies that are in its administrative dependence, their properties and clients.
Manages all the company's agencies individually.


Management of your employees, no user limit and 4 levels of access
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  • Possibility to define employees or groups of employees by profiles.
  • Program access control for each defined profile.
  • Multilingual interface per user.


Visit management
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Recording and management of reports and comments on visits to a particular property (10 possible points) so that an analysis and adjustment of the price can be made with the owner.


Management of sales, partners, lawyers, notaries, commissions and the result of the sale


Management of customer and real estate data backups

Real Estate Portfolio Management

  • Property Management
  • Management of Developments

    Creates and manages the fractions of the development.

  • Rentals Management

    Allows you to manage leases for each agency or period. Allows you to define by each agency the prices of rentals according to seasonality or period. It allows the management of the rental categories by each agency.

  • PDF template creation

    Allows the creation of listings for real estate, in various types of PDF, such as: one format for sales and another format for rentals. The type of business is included in the PDF according to the property listing.

  • Window sheet creation
  • Add watermark to photos

Data Import and Export

Exports in an open system.
Exports to our partners and can create feed to other portals (subject to prior technical analysis).
Check the list of partner portals.

You can also initially integrate your data (customers, properties, or others) into the CRM.

Imo-Gest PRO - 100% online software

  • Imo-Gest PRO is always ready to use, no installation required.
  • Does not take up space on your company's servers.
  • There is no risk of losing data.
  • It's accessible from anywhere with internet access, through a web browser.
  • Updates without intervention and free of charge.
  • Facilitates collaboration and data communication between agent groups because they all work with a single tool.

Security and confidentiality guaranteed

Because it's 100% online, Imo-Gest Pro doesn't depend on the physical security of your office.
It uses the HTTPS protocol for secure access to information.

Cost of membership

Imo-Gest PRO is available for 12 months, automatically renewed and paid in advance on the anniversary of the contract.
The agent adhering to the CRM, only pays the annuity to use the application.

Commission sharing

Access to redeBIP - a national network for partnerships between estate agents, with 40.000 properties available to share.